Santa Barbara Pistachio Company Launches Products for New Ways of Cooking With Pistachios

Santa Barbara, CA, August 2006 – Pressed from family-farmed US Fancy Grade California Pistachios, Classic Pistachio Oil & Pistachio Flour is introduced to the retail and wholesale market at the New York Summer Fancy Food Show. These new gourmet products from Santa Barbara Pistachio Company provide domestic versions of traditional European delicacies.

As the only California pistachio farm that currently offers this unique product line to retailers and consumers, Santa Barbara Pistachio Co. is encouraged by reports from food critics and top chefs that the Classic Pistachio Oil is as delicious as the European brands and competitively priced, as well. The clear 8-ounce bottle displays the brilliant pistachio green of the oil which is ideal for dipping bread, salad dressing, or drizzling on steamed veggies. Its flavor adds an exotic appeal to any dish.

Baking enthusiasts, as well as pastry chefs, enjoy the versatility of the Santa Barbara Pistachio Flour. The Pistachio Flour adds rich flavor and nutritional value to baked goods and can be used as breading for chicken, fish, or tofu. It is packaged for retail in a presentable 16-ounce box that includes an insert with suggestions for use, recipes, and storage tips.

Now the gourmet quality and flavor people expect from Santa Barbara Pistachios can be found in two new forms: Classic Pistachio Oil (8 oz.) and Pistachio Flour (16 oz.). For more information, contact Santa Barbara Pistachio Co. at or (800) 896-1044, or by e-mail at