Gourmet Pistachio Flavors

flavor_onion_garlicOnion Garlic Roast
Now ORGANIC! The savory taste of onion and the rich flavor of garlic blend in perfect harmony in our Onion Garlic Roast. Two favorite flavors create one outstanding pistachio. One of our biggest sellers!

flavor_crushed_garlicCrushed Garlic
Now ORGANIC! Santa Barbara Pistachios’ Crushed Garlic pistachios are the ultimate garlic indulgence. Each pistachio is an experience of fresh garlic delight.

flavor_lemonLemon Zing
Now ORGANIC! Crisp, zesty lemon adds a surprising twist to the natural flavor of our Lemon Zing pistachios. The slightly tart and salty flavors combine for a refreshingly fun taste.

flavor_hickory_smokedHickory Smoke
Now ORGANIC! Hickory Smoke pistachios have a superb, 100% natural, smoky taste. The slow roasted campfire hickory flavor is a classic favorite. Hickory Smoke is among our most requested flavors.

flavor_chile_lemonChile Lemon
Now ORGANIC! The zest of Habañero pepper and the zing of lemon combine to create a crisp, lively tasting pistachio for lovers of full-bodied flavor. Our Chile Lemon is wild enough, yet mild enough.
flavor_hot_onionHot Onion Garlic
Now ORGANIC! Take the balanced harmony of our Onion Garlic Roast and kick up the flavor with the heat of Habañero pepper and you get our Hot Onion Garlic, a burst of intense flavor in every pistachio.

flavor_habaneroRed Hot Habañero
Now ORGANIC! Intense, spicy flavor is the defining characteristic of Red Hot Habañero pistachios. Packed with the flavor of Red Savina™ habañero peppers, the hottest in the world, these pistachios are not for the faint of heart.

Now ORGANIC! Santa Barbara Pistachios’ Salted pistachios are a classic. We hot air-dry our U.S. Fancy, pesticide-free, 100% natural pistachios with a hint of salt for added flavor.
flavor_notNo Salt
Now ORGANIC! No Salt pistachios are a natural favorite. Our cholesterol-free, US Fancy pistachios are slowly hot air-dried for enhanced flavor. Perfect for salt-restricted diets.
Now ORGANIC! With their unique flavor, Kernels are the perfect accent for flavorful cooking and baking.